Our work takes many shapes and forms. As well as representing individual artists, we have created a music Festival, that in itself was born out of a series of concerts we staged during the Covid lockdown. Our commitment to reaching the widest possible audience at the youngest possible age informs our education programme and how that has been designed.

Home Salons

Our home concert series – our musical salons – started with a series of concerts during the recent pandemic, and which were given in people’s homes in London, Paris and the South of France. This is undoubtedly one of the most impactful ways of connecting performers and audiences over music and conversation.

Nothing can compare to listening to Ravel’s La Valse, Bach’s Chaconne or Rachmaninov’s 3rd Concerto on two pianos performed with passion in such intimate settings, with audience members all having a front row seat within feet of a Steinway, Bosendorfer or Fazioli pianos.


We work with concert venues, large and small, internationally, offering programming advice and support, where necessary, and promoting an interesting and often unexpected repertoire by our artists. This is part of our commitment to broadening the appeal of classical music and attracting new audiences.


Mosaic has created the Mosaic Music Festival. The first season will take place in autumn of 2023 at the Villa Ephrussi in the South of France as the principal venue.

Mosaic Festival is an international classical music festival that will bring together established artists alongside emerging talent. The Festival’s mission is to create a platform for young musicians and composers to launch their careers and for established artists to engage with the next generation, whist participating in exciting programming. We are committed to incorporating contemporary compositions in the well known and loved repertoires.

The 2023 Festival matches established performers with emerging talent. Established performers such as Elisabeth Leonskaja and Jacques Rouvier are paired with exceptionally talented younger performers such as Eveline Berezovsky and Nikolay Kuznetsov. We will also feature classical music programmes created by David Fray and Edna Stern, and Emma Smith will delight audiences with jazz.

With performances at both the Villa Ephrussi as well as the Rainer III Auditorium in Monaco, the Festival includes live performances as well as mentoring seminars designed exclusively for music students, led by Festival artists.


Education is the recurring theme in all that we do. Now more than ever, it is critical that children and, young people in particular, are introduced to the very best quality classical music as early as possible. Music as part of the broader arts curriculum is as important to a young mind as core subjects such as English or mathematics.

Classical music is for everyone, young and old alike. Our children’s concerts as well as those we stage in corporate settings are as impactful on the listener as a concert in a traditional concert hall. Our kids musical moments invariably involve art, games and lively discussion.

We are currently developing a young person’s guide to music, a multi disciplinary approach being developed by a team of specialists. Mosaic has held Kids Musical Moments events for young children, which have been a great success and we would like to replicate this to a wider audience.